Ethical Trade Initiative

ETI (Ethical Trade Initiative) has been established to improve working conditions in global supply chains by developing effective approaches to implementing the ETI Base Code of labour practice. ETI base code address all issues related to worker’s conditions at work place & their survival issues. ETI base code addresses following issues :-

Freedom in Employment - Slavery or bonded labour is not acceptable. Freedom of Association & Collective Bargain - Workers should be set free to join trade union for their benefits Child Labour - ETI do not permit child labour at work place Living Wages - It is employer’s responsibility to provide wages to workers which should fulfill their basic needs. Working Hours - ETI do not permit long working hours as it may damage worker’s health & ability to work. Discrimination - Employer can’t do any kind of discrimination among workers Regular Employment – It is employer’s responsibility to provide regular employment (throughout the year) to workers to avoid poverty. Harsh or Inhuman Treatment – ETI provides protection to workers against physical, verbal or sexual abuse in the workplace.

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