Electrical Safety Inspection
Electricity, just like water and gas, can leak. This leakage current is potentially dangerous as it can flow through you when you touch the leaking appliance. Faulty or non-compliant electrical installation poses a threat through fire or electrocution to any person, animal or property.

jcs certifications provides the ‘Electrical Safety Inspection’ service. We inspect new electrical work and existing electrical installations for compliance and electrical safety. jcs certifications provides the most detailed electrical inspection plan for all residential/commercial buildings, machineries, installations & plants. We have qualified engineers/electricians who will review your entire electrical system. Our electrical inspections are based on various electrical safety standards like – National Electrical Code, NFPA 70E, NFPA 70B, OSHA 1910.331-335 etc.

What We Do?

Ensure that all the safety features and functions of the electrical installation are functioning correctly. Whether earthing is done properly, and earth leakage relay is operational and trips accordingly. Finding faulty appliance or circuit. We Inspect All the cables from the mains incoming point to the main distribution board;Everything in the main distribution board and any sub-boards, circuit breakers, earth leakage etc. All the cabling from the distribution boards to switches and plugs, including the wall plugs and light switches, through to the connection at the lights; All circuits and wiring to any fixed appliances, even if they are plugged into a wall socket, but it does not include the actual appliance itself; The earthing system and connectivity throughout the installation; The positioning of electrical equipment, e.g. light switches and plugs may not be within a certain distance of taps, shower, baths etc.; Mains switch must be accessible and a within a certain height from the floor in case of emergencies; All electrical equipment in the installation must be approved, SABS or other relevant approvals, and be of the correct type and rating for the application; All electrical equipment must be installed in an approved manner, must be securely attached in place and suitably protected from little fingers gaining access; All parts of the permanent electrical installation must be in good working order, including safety features; The electrician will also take various readings to ensure that voltages, insulation, earthing and other values are within requirements. jcs certifications is a pioneer in Electrical Safety Inspections’. Please contact us today to discuss further.